A smart pricing tool for bike-delivery startup Hugo's

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An honest, transparent pricing tool

Hugo's mission is to see a less congested London, by replacing delivery vans with high capacity trikes. Hugo's costumers are mostly small independent business owners, keen to partner with a eco-friendly alternative to van-deliveries, but also need a bespoke service and full transparency on pricing.

The ask

Hugo's came to us to develop the complete experience from strategy and branding and landing page, to a smart quoting and booking tool that seamlessly integrates with their internal systems.


Hugo's first brief was a long wish-list of features, but not the timeline or budget to match it. Through comprehensive user journey mapping we strategically stripped down the brief to focus on what's business needs: what is required to acquire and retain costumers. 'Honesty' and 'transparency' were the key words attached to the theme of 'sustainability', so this became the core of the product. The quoting and booking tools works out the most efficient route to cycle to complete all the deliveries and surfacing the map for the costumer. Simple to use and understand how it's priced, how long it will take and potentially make decisions on future deliveries.


The resulting web app – focussed on ease of use to get quotes, to book, and rebook – resulted in a repeat costumer rate of 80%.

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