We grow teams, secure investment, increase sales, win awards and disrupt industries
with digital experiences.

Appy to meet you

We are product people coming from big brands like Microsoft and Skype — now creating tech that makes a profound change in the world.  

It's how we
do things

You guessed it — Appy was founded around the campfire. An idea kindled of an agency where we can harness our tech giant experience to create tech that makes a real change in the world.

The name AppyCamper started there, but it is also a play on the expression "Happy Camper", an idiom that encompasses our philosophy for creation: to create happy campers out of users and clients.

Our rulebook

tell a story

Just creating a smooth user experience is not enough to get users invested. That's why we aim to tell an engaging story with every digital product we create.


Unlike most digital studios, we don't like to start from scratch. For every possible problem there are already tools available that are perfect solutions. So we invest in finding the right tools, not building them, saving time and reducing risk.

NO bells &

We like to keep things simple – not just to make the apps we make intuitive to use, but also to launch sooner so we can learn from real users, iterate and add features from there.

Emojis in emails
are ok

Goals and priorities can shift during production, so we prefer to work intimately with our clients. Should a problem arise, we can sit down together to assess priorities and solutions, rather than being stuck on an issue unnecessarily.

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