Reimagining architecture in the metaverse


Developing an end-to-end experience

TwinUp is an end-to-end SaaS product suite for architects; from designing and presenting in real-world environments in the Metaverse, to collaboration and discussing in the architecture community. The big ask was: how do they all connect.

The ask

Founder Michael Jansen came to us with a great ambition and a serious challenge; to incapsulate all steps of architectural design into one accessible eco-system of apps; 'TwinMaster Build' a collaborative building environment to develop digital twins. 'TwinMaster World', where a digital twin space where project can be measured against real-world data. And 'TwinMaster Community' where projects can be presented and discussed.


We helped TwinMaster focus the brief, and develop a product and monetisation strategy, with the primary goal not just for the three apps to seamlessly work together, but instead that each project created in the TwinMaster eco-system has a natural life-cycle that touches all of the three apps. Where projects are naturally started in 'Build' as a design project, stress-tested in 'World' and shared and discussed in 'Community'.


After developing the MVP, TwinMaster launched a closed Beta and secured a 3 million USD seed investment.

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