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Developing an AI powered app for a tough crowd.

Citizens is an edTech showcase platform with a framework to recognise personal development as equally valuable as grades. Appy joined Citizens as product partner to create the product and successfully secure an Innovation grant, and later a first round of investment.

The ask

Citizens founder Matt Hayes first approached us with an app idea rooted in his PHD. The user group, 15-18 year old students getting ready for university, internships and apprenticeships, are at an age where they are worried about the world and their place in it, and how they can express themselves to the world.


Appy deep dived into the user group, creating comprehensive profiles and user journey before even moving one pixel. The positioning, user experience and monetisation strategy that came out is focussed on making room for self-expression, for a user's profile to feel as unique as a finger-print, and using gamification to incentive rather than creating mandatory activities. This resulted in the natural implementation of OpenAI that measures the users entries ('actions') against the framework, to reward the user with learning outcomes, that are then mapped onto a starburst diagram, unique to each user.


Appy assisted Citizens in securing an Innovation grant and accompanied Citizens to demo the app at Misk Global Forum 2023, which was received with overwhelming positive feedback. A multitude of schools have expressed interest in adapting the app in the classroom meaning the app could potential gain 100,000 users over-night on the launch date in 2024.

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